our tie-dye

We repurpose white cotton t-shirts as fabrics.

Our products are made from used cotton t-shirts that have been worn, disposed of, and sent to Makola Market in Ghana. These t-shirts are cut open, tie-dyed, and reassembled into our ethical fashion products.

We originally designed our clothes with organic cotton but switched to repurposing cotton t-shirts after a few months. By reusing materials, we give a second life to existing resources. We also reduce environmental degradation by preventing aditional pesticides, fertilizers, and high quantities of water from being used in the cotton production process. 

We tie-dye our fabrics using harvested rainwater.

To reduce reliance on groundwater resources, we installed a rainwater capturing system on the rooftop of our first partner workshop in Accra, Ghana, which fills a polytank of over 500 gallons. This water is used to rinse the VAT dyes during the tie-dye process.

We also continue to test economically feasible filtration systems such as using orange peels as an absorbent to allow our workshops to reuse their waste-waters and further conserve water.

We machine-sew our products at our workshops.

Our products are dyed and sewn at our partner workshops in Ghana, which employ persons with disabilities, parents of children with different abilities, and economically or socially vulnerable women. 

Since aluminum and plastic zippers are neither recyclable nor biodegradable, we make sure that the zippers in our products are reclaimed from sweatshirts and jackets, which have been worn, disposed of, and sent to Ghana. We then use the material as padding and insulating in some of our products.

We label our products with recycled paper tags.

Rather than print product tags on plastic or paper cards with machine ink, our workshops make recycled paper from newspaper scraps which they blend into a pulp, set on a mold and deckle, and sun dry.

People with physical disabilities who have significant mobility restrictions work from home by hand-writing and decorating our product tags, which provides employment and gives our products a personal touch.

We ship in recycled, biodegradable packaging.

Our products are made in Ghana and sent to customers around the world by MojoCrate, a shipping distributor based in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

We recognize that plastic waste often results from shipping processes and have taken some proactive steps to reduce our footprint. In fact, we selected MojoCrate because they use biodegradable and recycled packaging materials made by Ecoenclose. 

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