our ethics

We value the abilities of people with disabilities.

We believe disability is often a social construct and that people with disabilities are people with abilities, who face barriers due to inaccessibility and stigma.

Persons with disabilities in Ghana frequently encounter serious human rights abuses - especially when they are economically and socially isolated. This exclusion is lessened when inclusion is prioritized from the start of development, which means now! Poverty reduction cannot occur without assisting the over ten percent of persons in developing countries with disabilities.

We strive to create meaningful work for persons with disabilities and their family members through involvement in every aspect of our tie-dye production.

    We support women in business and leadership position.

    Gender inequality remains a major barrier to human and global development. In developing countries including Ghana, women continue to face unfair burdens in gaining opportunities to access higher education and to advance economically.

    To do our part in supporting the global fight for gender equality, we make sure that our partner workshops are owned and managed by women. These women then serve as leaders in their workshops and as mentors for other women in their communities.

    We maintain environmentally sustainable processes.

    We created MFC Tie-Dye to be radically sustainable, and this includes being friendly to our earth.

    Because we are cognizant of our planet's limited water resources, the impact of plastic pollution, and the environmental degradation caused when fertilizers and pesticides are used to produce cotton, we repurpose fabric, tie-dye using rainwater, and ship with recycled and biodegradable packaging materials.

    Learn more about our tie-dye production process to see our sustainability in-action.

    We communicate transparently about our work.

    We share updates and analyze our impact through our Rise with Us news blog and impact reports.

    The Real Impact for Social Enterprise (RISE) tool is a social impact assessment process that uses social media, monthly video updates, and biannual reports to analyze the financial, social, environmental, and health-related sustainability of a business for all stakeholders. Learn about how rise works and then rise with us.

    Customers can also stay in-touch with our work via Facebook, Instagram, and our email bulletin.

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