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Month #8<br>(January 2017)

Month #8
(January 2017)

The workshop operates independently for a month without any on-site support, producing the spring Galaxies collection. Website design and marketing efforts are assessed to prepare for a major sales push.
Month #7<br>(December 2016)

Month #7
(December 2016)

A pilot knitting program for home work and a pilot taxi transport program are started. Water management is discussed, and the workshop goes on holiday after making new products including laptop cases.
Month #6<br>(November 2016)

Month #6
(November 2016)

The workshop switches to repurposed cotton t-shirts and reclaimed zippers to improve financial and environmental sustainability. The I Found the World winter collection of products is finished and shipped.
Month #5<br>(October 2016)

Month #5
(October 2016)

100 yards of organic cotton arrive from Mali, a cloth-maker with a daughter with an intellectual disability is hired as the workshop scales up production, and a local peanut cake business is added for diversification.
Month #4<br>(September 2016)

Month #4
(September 2016)

Ruby Is Respectful fall products are finished with an embroidered MFC logo and shipped to our distributing partner. The workshop adds a paper-making program, and an impact assessment tool is in development.
Month #3<br>(August 2016)

Month #3
(August 2016)

1) Validate   2) Describe What We Did: A. Two Full-Time Seamstresses / Tailors Begin Grace, a seamstress with a physical disability, and Benjam...
Month #2<br>(July 2016)

Month #2
(July 2016)

Workshop construction project finishes and an accessible bathroom is started as well as the installation of a rainwater capturing system. Employee recruitment begins, and organic cotton is imported.
Month #1<br>(June 2016)

Month #1
(June 2016)

MFC is born with its name, vision, and first partner, who undertakes a tie-dye apprenticeship. As construction begins on an expanded, accessible workshop, Matilda manufactures prototype designs.